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Jim’s 80th Birthday Bash

The Bevis family had a reunion to celebrate Jim's 80th Birthday. I don't know how HE got that way so soon. It was remarkable that 30 out of the 33 made it to Atlanta for the “shindig.” We have 5 great grandchildren, and this was their first time to see one another. You will see 4 of them in the pictures, as one great didn't get to come.

Food, fun, boating, relaxing, eating, and reconnecting was our joy. Our daughter, Amy, and husband, Steve Poe, a CSR board member, went all out with hospitality and

hosting our tribe. Robyn and Amy were the “co-ordinaries,” and had been working on this event for two years.

Our children are scattered across the nation. Our oldest daughter, Melody, lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Robyn Balcom lives in Seattle, Washington. Our third daughter, Amy Poe, lives in the Atlanta area. Our fourth daughter, Holly Allen, lives in Ronan, Montana. Our grands came from London, England, Anchorage, Alaska, Montana, Washington State, Colorado, and Georgia.

We are so grateful to God for our 4 daughters, their husbands, 11 grandchildren, and 5 greats (with the 6th one coming any moment). THANKS TO ALL WHO WISHED JIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We are so very blessed to have friends and family to love. God bless you, everyone! Thanks for all the cards, texts, Facebook postings, and calls, they were the icing on the cake.

Update: For additional family news, including the ordination of our grandson into ministry, please see our Fall/Winter 2017 Newsletter.

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