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Bomb Shelter Need Continues

The ICEJ (International Christian Embassy Jerusalem) reports that they recently had the privilege of delivering a group of new bomb shelters to communities on the Gaza Border. Despite the challenges faced in these areas of Israel, locals continue to thrive in their lives, thanks to the generosity of people just like you.

That's why, in recent months, CSR has been working to secure funds for our "Israel Bomb Shelter Project" with Operation LifeShield. Since the time when we first introduced the project to you in this blog (see story here), we have raised around $20,000 for the project. We are looking to close out the project on December 15th... so there is still time for you to participate, if you have not already done so!

Why should you participate, and why is it so important? Consider the story below which comes from the ICEJ Newsletter, and/or watch the ICEJ video link shared in this post (or click here to see another news report).

Mother Gets Her Children to Shelter in Time Wednesday, October 17, at around 3.40 AM, a rocket slammed into a first-story bedroom in a family home in Beersheba. The Iron Dome rocket-defense system did not activate in this instance. The cause for the failure is still under investigation, but the incident proves the life-saving importance of being able to reach adequate bomb shelters in time. No one was seriously injured by the rocket, but had the mother not reacted to the warning siren and gotten her three children to safety, disaster would have struck.

CSR is eagerly anticipating the day when the bomb shelter made possible by those in our own community will be delivered to make another community in Israel safer. Thank you for considering being a part of such an effort. WE NEED YOU... AND ISRAEL NEEDS US!

Contributions can be earmarked for "The Israel Bomb Shelter Project"

and can be mailed to: CSR Ministries, PO Box 1555, Florence, AL 35630

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