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CSR Ministries exist to glorify God by encouraging God’s ministering servants, facilitating unity in the Body of Christ, and by serving as a catalyst for revival, spiritual awakening and transformation, both in the U.S. and across the world.



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I Love To Tell The Story

one man’s story, a journey out of sectarianism and legalism into a living relationship with Jesus Christ



•  visit and pray with pastors, ministers, rabbis and priests


•  listen to God’s ministering servants and their challenges


•  refer those in need to resources and resource people that can be of further help


•  share our own experiences of discouragement, depression and burnout


•  conduct conferences and seminars that help ministers prevent burnout and experience God’s fullness in ministry


•  help church leaders know how to care for their pastors, ministers, priests and rabbis


•  crisis counseling for those in need of emergency care

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The following is from our archives. While some of the information may be dated, it provides a good overview of CSR Ministries which we thought you might enjoy.

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