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CSR Ministries has hosted 100 conferences both nationally and internationally. International Conferences have been held in Germany, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Dominican Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Sierra Leone (West Africa), and Ghana (West Africa). Nationally, conferences have been held in Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Nashville, TN, Huntsville and Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Tupelo, Mississippi and Nashville, IN.




Along with conferences, many other areas of ministry are facilitated by CSR Ministries such as:

  • Concerts of Prayer

  • Schools of Prayer

  • Prayer Awakening Weekends

  • Renewal and Revival Awakening Weekends

  • Reconciliation Meetings

  • Pastors and Leaders Gatherings

  • State of the Church Reports

  • Life in the Spirit Weekends

  • Church Planting and Nurturing

  • Convention and Conference Speaking



Hosting an Event

Some of you may be interested in exploring the possibility of a renewal event for your church or area. CSR conferences are for individuals and churches, large groups or small, seeking times of refreshment from the Lord. Through worship, teaching and ministry, Jim and Anne Bevis and specially selected guest speakers seek to share life-giving, church-changing spiritual principles.


There is no set structure for a Conference of Spiritual Renewal. You can select conference activities and formats that best suit your needs:

  • Renewal Conferences, church-wide, city-wide, or area-wide

  • Renewal Teach-Ins, a shorter version of the conference

Renewal Conferences and other renewal events are not designed to make God's people "feel better." The goal is to release the fullness of Christ among His people so they might fulfill all He has called them to be and do.


Renewal conferences can take a number of different directions, as defined by the need, and can emphasize certain areas of renewal including renewal, revival, reconciliation, prayer and intercession, spiritual warfare, worship and other pertinent issues. A conference can be designed to focus on one or more of these areas.


For more information about a CSR event in your church or city, please contact Jim Bevis. Complete information will be sent upon request.


History of CSR’s Conference Ministry


CSR initially stood for "Conferences on Spiritual Renewal." As the vision expanded over the years, CSR now stands for our wider vision of "Caring, Serving, and Refreshing."


CSR Ministries began as the Conference on Spiritual Renewal back in 1985. Scores of entry-level renewal conferences were held throughout the nation focusing on Life in the Spirit, Prayer and Intercession, and Spiritual Warfare. Initially, the conferences sought to primarily impact the members of the Campbell-Stone Restoration Movement (Christian Churches, Churches of Christ and Disciples of Christ). Ultimately, because of the great response to these events they were expanded and offered to all followers of Christ who were "hungry and thirsty" for more.


The flagship conference was held in Nashville, Tennessee, for fifteen consecutive years and attended by thousands of men and women of God. The Bevises themselves have been a part of producing over 100 conferences across the nation and world under the auspices of CSR Ministries, Mercy Ships, and the North American Renewal Services. In addition, they have co-hosted many conferences with individual congregations and groups of churches. Although the conference ministry has tapered off for the Bevises, they still do local and regional events as called upon.


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