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Family is a high priority in the lives of Jim and Anne, and is second only to their relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.



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“We rejoice that there are 42 members of our immediate family, including daughters, sons-in-law, 11 grandchildren and their spouses, and 12 extraordinary great grandchildren. We have a wonderful family, all of whom are happily married, and all who are old enough to make a decision have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. Our four daughters and their families are scattered in four different states and a number of different cities across the nation. Though we sometimes fall short, our goal is to see all of them each year.”  –  Jim & Anne


For those who are interested, this page is specifically used for Family News, Information, and Updates.



Jim and Anne Bevis have been happily married for 63 plus years. They both come from a religious heritage that honors God, reveres His Word and follows His Son. Jim and Anne have four married daughters and 11 wonderful grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren.


Daughter Holly is married to Jim Allen. They live in Montana and have two daughters. Maegan is married to Ty Unruh. They have two children, Alivia and Bryten. Check out the Unruh's ministry website at The Unruhs live in Whitefish, Montana. Elizabeth is married to Russell Clairmont, and they live in Ronan, Montana.

Daughter Amy Poe is married to Steve Poe. Steve owns a heating and air conditioning firm. They have three children. Max, who is married to Stephanie, has two children, Landon and Tenley. Emily, who is married to Chase Newman, lives in Hoschton, Georgia. They have three children, Addlyn, Anderson, and Anna Kate. Sanders, who is preparing to receive his Master's Degree at a Southern Baptist Seminary in New Orleans, is married to Valentina.


Daughter Robyn Balcom is married to Perry Balcom. They live in West Bend, Washington, where Perry is a denturist. Perry, Robyn, and their three children, Blake, Celeste, and Derek, have served as missionaries with Youth With A Mission. Blake is married to Shannon, and they live in Spokane, Washington. They have three children, Isabell, Theo, and Henry. Derek is married to Cara, and they reside in Mercer Island, Washington. Celeste is married to Dr. John Morris, and they live in Anchorage, Alaska.

Daughter Melody Baker is married to Bobby Baker. They have three daughters, Channing, Amelia, and Claire. Bobby works in development and fundraising. Channing is married to Richard Wein, living in Conroe, Texas. Channing and Richard have one son, William. Amelia is married to Jordan Stanley. They have two children, Viola and Warren, and live in Columbus, Mississippi. Claire, the youngest Baker daughter, lives with her parents in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


The Bevises are committed to biblical values and the priority of family and marriage. They continue to minister, as called upon, on the family / husband / wife relationship, parenting, and other family and ministry issues.


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