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Prayers for Holly after surgery

Please remain in prayer for our youngest daughter, Holly Bevis Allen (shown above with her husband and daughter), after major surgery on her right knee. The 3-4 hour procedure implanted a hinge into her right knee. She has had multiple knee surgeries, very painful and arduous therapy, and recovery. Continue to pray for her healing, strength, peace, and no complications.

This is written with thanksgiving for EVERY PRAYER, ENCOURAGING WORD, and SCRIPTURE that YOU and our family and friends have already prayed for Holly and us, as we continue to walk this very painful process with our precious daughter. We are so aware of the POWER OF PRAYER. Holly said to me, " Mom, I have known and felt those prayers being prayed for me."

God bless each of you and encourage you to know that your prayers matter and make a huge difference! SO, please keep praying!


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