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Our Recent Trip to Texas

Anne pictured here with dear friend, Rose Ann Summers, wife of CSR board member Clint Summers, who died in September, just before we left for Israel. It was wonderful to be with Rose Ann. She carries such grace and strength as she leans on Jesus every day. Please keep Rose Ann, her daughters, Allison Hoybach and family, Angie Gibbons and family, in your prayers.

While we were in Fresno, Texas, Jim made a new friend by the name of Jackson, a beautiful black and white labra-doodle that Rose Ann has acquired. It's amazing how this cute, cuddly

fur-friend kept us smiling, and Jim throughly enjoying his company:)

Most Sunday's after church and many other times we would stop at this "little" Mexican restaurant. It now has a brand new uptown building on the same corner, just much bigger. Being our 56th wedding weekend, we treated ourselves to some good Tex-Mex food, and it was as good as we remembered.

We also had such a wonderful time with our friends Don and Madeline Soula. Don has made a miraculous recovery after a major stroke. We enjoyed sharing our recent trip to Israel with these two amazing friends of 40 years. Madeline, who is so organized and creative, created a breakfast experience with making an omelet in a Baggie. :) Watch Jim giving it a try. :) You drop your plastic baggy with omelet mixture into the water and boil for 14 minutes. :))

Little did we know that just 4 days later we would be with Don and Madeline in Dallas, at the bedside of their son, Don E. Soula, who would be on life support. Please continue to pray for the Soula family, their hearts are breaking with Don's death – but they are secure in the knowledge that Don is with the Lord. We have posted a memorial tribute to Don that his neighbor, Adam Rodery, compiled for Don's celebration. Don E. and his wife, Tiffany, have impacted so many lives with their love for God and His Kingdom.

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