10 Things To Do... In Times Like These

A message from CSR President, Jim Bevis during the corona virus pandemic:

God, using and orchestrating the circumstances, is giving us all a historic opportunity to make needed changes in our lives. Make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

1. Focus on increasing your intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

2. Concentrate on growing in your relationship with your spouse. Don’t miss this divine pause. Go deeper in communicating with your wife or husband.

3. Connect consistently with your children, sharing your love and wisdom to encourage them. They need you – and you need them.

4. Spend quality time in worship, praise, prayer and in God’s Word. Meditate, ponder and obey.

5. Re-connect with your friends. Call them, write them and pray for them.

6. Read some good books. Those books you have been trying to get around to reading.

7. Do some writing and journaling. Regarding this pandemic, record your thoughts, feelings and how you’ve chosen to use this kairos season.

8. Do a few of those projects at home and in your work which you have put off. Now is the time.

9. Re-stir your good memories. Look again at photo albums and your collection of pictures.

10. Remind yourself of all the benefits of the Lord. Make a list. Be specific. How has God blessed you, your family, your ministry?

ABOVE ALL, re-commit yourself to Jesus, your Lord and Master.

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