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Abide in Me

“I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in Him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.” – John 15:5

I awoke early this morning and became suddenly aware of something that, for the moment, “rattled my cage.” I had no meetings scheduled for today and no activities. For some reason it initially frightened me that my day was free (to follow Christ). Once I acknowledged my “free day,” the Lord spoke these words to my spirit: “It’s alright. Abide in Me.”

After fifty-seven years of ministry, projects, and activities, I was uncomfortable with a day focused on “being” rather than “doing.” It was amazing the number of unplanned opportunities that came across my path that day to share the love of God.

During my devotional time which followed, I meditated on “Abiding in Jesus,” which I knew was the centerpiece of our lives in Christ. I was reminded that “abiding” means to come and stay with me, or as Eugene Petersen translates the phrase in The Message Bible, “make your home in me.”

Abiding in Christ is more than dropping by for an occasional visit. It means to take up residence in Christ and operate from that presence and residence.

Men and women of God, I have learned from personal experience what the Lord says clearly, the only way to see much fruit in our ministry is to “abide in the Vine,” who is Jesus.

What does it mean to Abide in Jesus Christ?

  • abide in His Word. Saturate yourself in His Word. Obey His commands.

  • abide in His Love. Allow the love of God to flow out of you into others.

  • abide in His Joy. The joy of the Lord IS your strength. Rejoice, Rejoice and Rejoice!

  • abide in relationship with Him. Practice the Presence. Spend time in His presence. Enter into ministry, abiding in Christ. Remember, “without Him, you can do nothing.”

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