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Book Recommendation - “Releasing The Divine Healer Within”

Please, allow me to recommend a book to you which has helped me to understand reasons for how our emotional issues affect our health, and how to be an overcomer.

“Releasing The Divine Healer Within,” by Dennis and Dr. Jen Clark, is such a book.

This is a book I would love for you to read, because I care and want to serve you with information, knowing it will refresh you. After all, CSR is caring, serving, and REFRESHING.

“Releasing The Diving Healer Within” will bring understanding about how people respond to life’s “kinks” that keep them in a constant battle for their wellbeing. As a Christian and a human being, this book is a key that unlocks “cellular blocks” to our emotional and physical healing.

This book was the best fifteen bucks I've ever spent! Give it a go. Trust me on this one. It's scientific, but also, oh, so spiritual. You’ll love it.

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