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Thanksgiving Greetings & Update

Greetings to our four dear children, extended family and dear friends, Thanks for your continued concern and prayers. I admit it has been a rough week, but I am resting in the all-sufficiency of God's grace and your mom's love and wonderful care-giving. The doctor visit to Huntsville was less than what we had hoped for. We were with the doctor maybe 5 minutes. He showed absolutely no compassion and had NO bedside manner. He looked at my knee, told us what the options were and left. His P.A. drained my leg of fluid and gave me a shot (three needles and injections into one old wounded knee). {:\

We scheduled a surgical procedure on the knee for Dec 8. We are going to try and see Holly's Dr. Mentor from Atlanta, who is now in Cumming, GA. If so, it will require rescheduling. I was close to pain free yesterday, Saturday up until evening then it came back, and I had to take the pain medicine. I had a much better night of sleep and feel better today. Some pain but nothing like a few days before. Mom has provided amazing care for me. We are still hoping to go to Channing's on Wednesday and spend Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in Clarksville with the Baker family. God's grace has been amazingly sufficient, and I have learned much in this time of suffering. It is additional proof that no experience has to be wasted in Jesus. NOW HERE IS MY THANKSGIVING DEVOTION AND BLESSING TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY (You may choose to read it at your Thanksgiving gathering and send it to your children who will not be with you, or you can just receive it for yourself. Whatever you choose). Good Sunday morning, dear children, grandchildren, spouses, extended family and special friends who may be gathered together for Thanksgiving. First, Mimi and I regret that we cannot be with all of you, but that's not possible. However we have chosen to send you this blessing. We wish for you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving day and a very special season of Thanksgiving, Keep in mind that Thanksgiving for the child of God is more a lifestyle than a special day or event. I hope you will allow nothing to crowd out the opportunity to give thanks to our Father for how He has blessed us all. Forget the cold food and the football game, at least for a time, and gather around His throne with genuine Thanksgiving in your hearts for who He is and what He has done. This morning my devotional was built around Colossians 1: 9-13. This is the occasion where Paul prays for the church at Colosse. I encourage you to read the entire passage to everyone and then meditate for a few minutes on what it says to you and how you are to pray for your family, friends, and each other.

Before I continue, let me say that this is built around David Jeremiah's daily Turning Point devotional for today. In addition, one of my pastor friends shared out of this same scripture at a Pastor's Prayer meeting last Thursday morning, which I led. Here goes... Paul prayed essentially three things for the Colossians: 1.(Vs. 9). He prayed that they would be filled with the knowledge of God's will, with all wisdom and spiritual understanding. Meaning they would know God's will, and specifically His will for their lives - and DO IT! He prayed that God would give them wise minds and spirits attuned to His will. 2.(Vs.10). He prayed that they would walk worthy of the Lord whose Name they wear. He is praying that they will live up to His calling, giving Him pleasure. 3.(Vs.11). He prayed that they would be strengthened with all might according to His power. He is praying that they will have the divine strength to stick it out over the long haul, regardless of the circumstances, and that it will be a strength that will spill over into joy. Paul concludes the passage by calling them to Thanksgiving to the Father for what He has already done for them, including having delivered them from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His dear Son. (At this point, you may want to pause and ask each person to express something for which they are truly thankful.) I challenge all of you to make this your prayer for yourself, and for each of your children, grandchildren, etc. We will continue to live in a most challenging season, although we all believe God has had His way in the election, and we are hopeful that we are moving into better days and a better season. It will not be easy, and it will not be without renewed faith and sacrifice on the part of each of us. We must commit ourselves to living a deeper life in Him, counting our blessings and giving thanks in all circumstances. Only God Almighty can make America great again, and He must have our cooperation. Mimi and I are extremely grateful for each of you, and we pray for you without ceasing. Please know that we love you all unconditionally, and we bless you with all that is good and pleasing unto God the Father. We bless you with increased knowledge, divine wisdom, and spiritual understanding. We bless you with the motivation and power to live a life that will be pleasing to Him. We bless you with God's incredible power to enable you to be all He wants you to be, and to do all He wants you to do... and we bless you with a HAPPY THANKSGIVING.


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