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Jacque Rainwater - a testimony of God’s faithfulness

(above) Jim Bevis pictured with Jacque Rainwater and her mother, Susie, as Jacque shared her testimony of God’s faithfulness.

It was a sweet “God Moment” when God connected Jacque Rainwater and I in a setting that neither of us could have arranged. When Jacque asked where I was from, and I said, “Florence, Alabama,” she immediately said, “You must have prayed for me. I was the UNA student that was almost killed when an ice-covered limb crushed my car.” Well, my heart was full as we remembered how she was prayed through a traumatic life-or-death situation that forever changed her life.

Jacque, a graduate of UNA and former Miss UNA, surely suffered from that tree limb falling on her during the 1994 ice storm. But today she is “Living Out the Miracle” and represents an amazing story of God’s love and grace.

Jacque recently shared her testimony of God’s faithfulness during her recovery from her life-impacting accident with our listeners. We hope you were able to tune in for the program. We also hope to be able to post a copy of the program to the messages library of our website soon, just in case you missed it.

It's remarkable how God sets up interviews for our weekly radio program, “What On Earth Is God Doing?” You can download a live stream each Tuesday at 1pm to hear wonderful “God Stories” like Jacque's.

If you know of other tremendous testimonies that you believe need to be shared and heard, please, contact us with information so that we can consider them for the program which airs locally on WBTG Radio 106.3FM.

(below) Anne Bevis pictured with Jacque Rainwater

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