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Just checking in...

We felt we should check in, given our extended time away.

We have been spending time with two of our daughters, Robyn and Holly and their families in Ronan and Kalispell, Montana. By the time we leave we will have spent time with all thirteen of our family located in the Northwest, including one of our great grandsons whom we had not seen until this trip. We were here for Elizabeth's 18th birthday, and we will attend her high school graduation later this week.

While here, I have called on 18 churches and visited with nine pastors. Attended a Pastor's Prayer meeting today. In addition, Anne and I have visited with the Tribal Waves YWAM base, reaching out to Native Americans. Holly and family live on a reservation. On Friday morning, I will participate in a prayer meeting at the tribal council headquarters. On Sunday, Holly's pastor has asked me to dare my "Holy Spirit" Testimony.

God continues to open doors for us.

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