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Jim to speak at Grace House Sept. 16th

Jim will be speaking at Grace House on Wednesday, September 16th at 6:30pm. He will be sharing from the word of God how we have navigated the call to go to Israel and the importance of trusting God through ALL seasons of life. His message, “IN GOD WE TRUST,” is one you won't want to miss. When you consider the days in which we live, the state of the nation and church, we must learn to put our all in our relationship with God.

As a reminder – while in Israel, Jim and Anne will be participating, along with thousands of other believers, in the annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration. Jim and Anne will be working closely with the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem. They will be calling on Messianic Christian pastors, as well as Christian Arab pastors. They will be encouraging God's minstering servants, as well as assuring the people of Israel of the support of US citizens and Christians.

Everyone is welcome to visit Grace House in Florence, AL, to join us for this special message.

For more information, email us.

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