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Jim and Anne Bevis, founders of CSR Ministries will host a most unusual tour and strategic briefing trip to Israel tentatively scheduled for March of 2011. In addition to visiting key Old Testament and New Testament sites, Jim and Anne will draw on their previous trips to Israel and their significant contacts in Israel to arrange “behind the scene” experiences not normally available to Christian tourists visiting Israel.

The 8 – 10 day tour will include traditional sites including but not limited to:

  • The old city of Jerusalem

  • The Way of the Cross

  • Gordon’s Calvary

  • The Garden of Gethsemane

  • The Mount of Olives

  • The Temple Mount

  • The Western Wall

  • The Mount of the Beatitudes

  • The Kidron Valley Capernaum

  • The Dead Sea Caesarea Philippi

  • The Sea of Galilee The Jordan River

  • plus many more.

Some of the unique experiences being arranged by Jim and Anne are:

  • A VIP visit and tour of Yad Vashem – the Holocaust Memorial

  • A visit to the Temple Institute, a workshop where rabbis are making furniture, utensils and garments for the restored temple

  • A visit to the city of David, outside the old city, where excavations are underway on David’s palace and Hezekiah’s Tunnel

  • A visit to King of Kings Church, a dynamic Spirit-empowered church in the heart of Jerusalem

  • A VIP visit and tour of the International Christian Embassy

  • A visit to a Messianic Jewish congregation

  • A visit to the Rabbi’s tunnels underneath the Western wall

As time permits, participants will have the opportunity for a:

  • Visit to the home of Mary, Martha and Lazarus

  • Shopping in the old city, on Ben Yudah Street and at a new Mall in Jerusalem

  • A visit to a Sabbath Eve Synagogue service in Jerusalem

Participants on the Bevis/CSR Tour will stay in first-class hotels, share a delicious breakfast and dinner buffet each day, ride in their own air conditioned motor coast and have their own certified Israeli tour guide.

Another unique feature of the trip will be strategic lectures and briefings given on select evenings by key men and women from a roster of Israeli educators, historians and archeologists, journalists, ministers and rabbis, government representatives and special presentations by representatives from AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) , Yad Vashem and the International Christian Embassy – Jerusalem.

Although the arrangements are incomplete at this point, Jim is negotiating with four of the U.S./Israel top tourist companies for the best tour at the best price. Cities of departure being investigated are Atlanta and Huntsville. The goal is to have a non-stop flight to Tel Aviv from the city of departure. Jim is making a diligent effort to arrange an all inclusive tour package for $ 2500 to $3000 per person. This is approximately $ 500 less than the going rate for a tour of this length and quality. Excellence will be pursued in every aspect of the tour from beginning to end.

The Bevis’ hope to recruit no more than twenty-five tour participants and no less than twenty. With this number, we will have our own bus, tour group and guide.

If you are interested in receiving the full details of the Tour once everything is confirmed, please contact Jim and/or CSR Ministries leaving your name(s) mailing address, telephone numbers and email address if you have one. You can reach Jim or Anne at 256 718 3775 or 256 718 0738, Email address is Mailing address is P.O. Box 1555, Florence, Alabama 35630.

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