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Jim and Anne Bevis, founders of CSR Ministries, are celebrating their fiftieth year of Marriage and Ministry throughout 2010. The CSR Board of Directors, in their 2009 annual meeting, decided to host five Anniversary Celebration events in the five major cities where the Bevis’ have ministered over the last fifty years. The events, as scheduled, are to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, Houston, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee, Indianapolis, Indiana and Florence, Alabama where the Bevis’ presently live.

The first of the five celebration events took place in the Atlanta area on Sunday, May 16th at the home of Steve and Amy Poe in Braselton, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Approximately thirty of the Bevis’ friends and family gathered on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Chateau Elan Estates in Braselton. Activities included a duet sung by Jim and Anne entitled “I Couldn’t Have Made This Journey Without You.” Jim and Anne were presented with a “singing telegram” by Arlene and Paul Samuels, friends from Mercy Ships and AIPAC. Arlene serves as Southeast Outreach Director for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee based in Washington, D.C. Steve Morisett, a former member of the Brookvalley Church in Atlanta where the Bevis’ pastured in the 1970’s, shared a testimonial tribute to Jim and Anne. Jim shared briefly the Ten Most Significant Spiritual Discoveries he and Anne have made during their 50 years together.

The program closed with a wonderful, fifteen minute slide show of photos of Jim and Anne and their family, taken over the fifty years. The photo presentation was prepared by Angela Bailey and Kevin and Monica Creekmoore, CSR Board members.

Jim made the first public announcement of his forthcoming book, his autobiography entitled, “I Love To Tell The Story.” The Bevis’ made this comment to those present for the Atlanta presentation, “ We are most grateful for those of you who have come to celebrate this milestone event with us. We have shared from our hearts, what God has done in our lives and ministry. Our prayer is that you will leave impressed with God and not with us.”

The remaining celebration events are as follows: • Houston, Texas – Saturday, June 26 • Indianapolis, Indiana, Saturday, July 10 • Nashville, Tennessee, Sunday, July 25 • Florence, Alabama, Sunday, August 1

For more information about the Anniversary events, contact Jim or Anne Bevis. Jim’s email address is Anne’s is or you can call the CSR office at (256) 718 3775.



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