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Jim and Anne have just returned from Colorado and Montana, participating in Two Graduations and One Wedding.

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, Jim and Anne participated in the high school graduation services of their granddaughter Amelia Baker. The ceremony took place in the fieldhouse of the U.S. Air Force Academy. Amelia is the daughter of Melody and Bobby Baker. Amelia graduated with “high honors” and “flying colors.” We loved it.

Grandson, Blake Balcom graduated from Flathead High School in Kalispell, Montana. Jim and Anne were present along with other members of the family. Blake is the oldest son of Robyn and Perry Balcom. Blake received the Horseman Foundation Scholarship which is a full, four year scholarship to any college or university in the United States.We rejoice with all of the family at Blake’s achievement.

Jim performed the wedding of Jim and Anne’s first granddaughter to be married on Sunday, June 7 in Lakeside, Montana. Maegan (Johnston, Holly’s daughter) married Ty Unruh. They are a godly couple with a passion for Jesus. The wedding took place on a beautiful mountainside on the Amen Ranch.

CSR presents Three Spirit of the Shoals Awards and Three Lighthouse Awards

On Sunday, June 14th, as a part of the 30th Anniversary Service of Christ Chapel in Florence, Jim Bevis presented a total of six awards from CSR to outstanding Christians and Christian ministries. The Spirit of the Shoals Award was presented to Doc Shell, pastor of Christ Chapel and a long time friend of the Bevis’ and CSR Ministries. The second Spirit of the Shoals Award was presented to Paul Slatton, a Christian businessman and President of WBTG Christian radio. The third Spirit of the Shoals Award was given to Alfred and Jean McCroskey, Founder and President of Bibles for Russia. Jim inaugurated a new Lighthouse Award which was presented to Christ Chapel, WBTG Radio and Bibles for Russia. Photos will appear in the 50th Anniversary edition of the CSR Newsletter.

Jim and Anne Give Israel Briefings

In May, Jim and Anne gave briefings to two Shoals area congregations, Temple B’naiIsrael, the Jewish Temple and Grace House, the church the Bevis’ attend. They reported on the AIPAC meeting they had attended in Washington and also presented a brief lesson on Why We Need to Bless Israel and How We Go About Doing This. Their presentations were well received.

Jim Meets with H.B. London

While in Colorado Springs, Jim met with his friend, H.B. London who is Vice President of Pastoral Services at Focus on the Family. H.B. is the cousin of James Dobson, the Founder of Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family has provided many free resources to CSR for distribution through the Ministry of Encouragement.

The Bevis’ attend their Second AIPAC Policy Conference

In May, Jim and Anne attended their second AIPAC Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. with over 6000 members of the Jewish community across the nation. In attendance, were over 100 Christian leaders from throughout the nation. The Bevis’ had the privilege of hearing President Perez and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Vice President Joseph Biden and many other congressmen and senators from the nation’s capitol.

Jim and Anne participate in Nashville Reunion Retreat

The Bevis’ joined ten other couples in Ashland City, Tennessee in April for a week-end retreat focused on giving thanks for what God had done in all of our lives. Many of these couples were friends and associates when the Bevis’ ministered at Belmont Church in Nashville, l985-1991. Al and Era Jaynes, long-time friends hosted the retreat a beautiful retreat site in the Nashville area.

CSR hosts the Pastor’s Roundtable in the Shoals

Jim and CSR hosted a May meeting of some twenty Senior Pastors from the Shoals area sponsored by Focus on the Family. Wade Brown, Senior Director of Pastoral Services came from Focus and Colorado Springs to inquire of the pastors. A number of books, CD’s and other resources were presented to the pastors.

Jim and Anne teach at Restoration Ranch

The Bevis’ team teach occasionally at Restoration Ranch, a Christian Discipleship program, located in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Sabina Brackin is the able director of this Christian Rehab program which usually consists of about 50 men and women who are in recovery from various addictions. It is a very intensive, Bible based training experience for those needing residential care.

Looking Ahead

In addition to the many ministry opportunities that arise from week to week and month to month, here are some of the things coming up during the next 18 months.

Ministry of Encouragement

The Ministry of Encouragement will continue and expand as a result of the motor home recently given to CSR. The motor home will allow Jim and Anne to take overnight trips to communities in the Southeast for the purpose of encouraging pastors, ministers and church leaders.

Another Wedding in Atlanta

On Saturday, August 1st, Jim and Anne will participate in the wedding of their first grandson to be married, Max Poe. Max is marrying Stephanie Stralow also of the Atlanta area. Jim will perform the wedding in Hoschton, Georgia, a suburb of greater Atlanta. Max is the oldest son of Amy and Steve Poe.

50th Wedding Anniversary in January

On Saturday, January 23, Jim and Anne will celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniveresary. They were married on that date in 1960 in Florence, Alabama and honeymooned in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Plans are still in the making.

Shoals Friends Plan 50th Anniversary Reception

On Saturday, April 17th at Christ Chapel in Florence, Shoals friends will host a 50th Anniversary Celebration of Marriage and Ministry for the Bevis’ and CSR. Tentatively, the times are from 2:00 – 4:00 P.M.

Anniversary Trip to Europe planned for April – May

Jim and Anne are hoping to return to Europe for the 50th Anniversary Jubilee year in May and June of 2010. Plans are to visit England, Ireland and Scotland. In addition to any ministry the Lord may open up, Jim and Anne want to research their family histories. Jim is English by heritage and Anne is Irish-German.

Return to Israel in 2010

In 2010, the Bevis’ hope to lead a group to Israel. Jim has been there three times and Anne, once. With this experience “under their belts” they hope to put together a unique tour and briefing to Israel. Hopefully, the trip’s components will include:

  • Visits to Judeo-Christian sites in Israel

  • Strategic Visits with government, religious and educational leaders

  • Visits to sites not always included on Christian tours such as the International

  • Christian Embassy, Refugee camps, The Temple Institute and the Holocaust Museum

  • Participation in the Feast of Tabernacle Celebration

  • Visit with Jewish and Arab Christians and churches

  • If interested, contact the Bevis’ and your name will be added to the mailing list.

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