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Greetings, dear friends and co-laborers with us,

What a month of April we have had and because you “stand with us” we want to share some of the high points with you:

  • On Thursday, April 12th, CSR hosted the first Retired Minister’s Gathering inthe Shoals area. Our gathering was held at the new Brandon Ministry Center inFlorence. Approximately twenty brothers and sisters attended. Our heartswere warmed at the richness of their sharing. Our plans are to have quarterlygatherings of these dear saints of God who in most part have been “shelved andput out to pasture.”

  • Anne and I began the first of April teaching the first-ever Bible Class in theYMCA in Florence. We are now half-way through and it has been a greatexperience. We are teaching on “Dealing With the Giants in Our Lives.”We believe this course has opened a door for our YMCA to restore Christ toHis rightful place in the Young Men’s Christian Association. Pray for us!

  • On Sunday, April 22, Anne preached , yes, preached at the First Methodist Church of Tuscumbia, her home town. It was ladies day and the sistersled the entire service. Anne share on “Tending the Garden of Your Heart.”Even though I was not able to be there, I know she was a blessing to them.

  • On the week-end of April 20-23, I attended an Emmaus Walk, a three-day,72 hour spiritual experience led by the United Methodists at Camp Sumatongain central Alabama. Forty-eight of us “pilgrims” were bathed in the love andgrace of God unlike anything I have every personally experienced.

Without you, and others like you, we could not have not have accomplished these divine tasks nor experienced what God had for us.

Thank you, dear ones, and we ask God to thank you! Let us hear from you.

Prayerfully and Expectantly,

Jim and Anne

P.S. In May, we go for a week-end of ministry with our friends, the Moons, in Ohio. They lead a cluster of house churches. Pray for our time with them. In June, Jim teaches in the School of Conversion in Florence on “The Making of A Man of God.” In July, we teach a Campus Ministry Workshop at Harding College in Arkansas.

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