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CSR Ministries is sponsoring a major conference in the Shoals, February 17-20. The conference,Experiencing the Father’s Embrace, will be hosted by Christ Chapel in Florence, E.M. “Doc” Shell, Senior Pastor. The conference leader is Jack Frost of Shiloh Place Ministries.

The general sessions of the conference will begin on Friday evening, February 18 and conclude on Sunday morning, February 20th. There will be three sessions of a special Leadership component of the conference. They will be Thursday evening and Friday morning. The leadership sessions are open only to full-time or bi-vocational pastors, ministers, their staff, leadership teams and others as designated by the pastor.

Jack Frost has been given a unique understanding and revelation concerning the Father Heart of God. He believe that “embracing the Father’s love” is the key that many of us are looking for to open wide out own hearts as well as the hearts of those we serve. As a result of this personal revelation to Jack, a former hard-nosed commercial fishing boat captain became a warm, tender-hearted father and husband. One encounter with the Father’s love revealed to Jack that he was loved not for what he could do,but simply for who he was in Christ.

Jack and Trisha founded Shiloh Place Ministries in 1991 with a vision to see the Father’s healing love flow though the hearts of leaders. They spend much of their time today ministering to pastors’ and missionaries’ families, conducting ministers’ retreats in different nations, teaching leaders how to bring healing to the broken hearted and teaching seminars and conferences on the Father’s love.

Jim Bevis, CSR President says, about the Jack Frost Conference, “Attending a Jack Frost conference has powerfully impacted our lives. We would put it on the “Top Ten” list of all the conferences we have ever produced or participated in. We guarantee your life will never be the same.”

Registration fee for only the leadership component of the conference (Thursday evening, Friday morning) is $ 40 per person. Registration for the general sessions (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday morning) is $40. To attend both the leadership sessions and general sessions, the registration is $60 per person.

The Friday evening and Saturday evening sessions are open to the public without charge.

There will be a special Leadership Luncheon on Friday, February 18 at Christ Chapel. This luncheon is included in the Leader’s registration fee.

For more information on the conference including lodging, directions, etc. contact CSR Ministries at 256 718 3775. You may e-mail us at or write us at CSR Ministries, P.O. Box 1555, Florence, Alabama, 35631.


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