On June 15, 2003, Howard Speegle, born February 15,1910, at 93 years of age became the first recipient of the “Spirit of the Shoals Award” initiated by CSR Ministries in Florence, Alabama. The Award is a non-denominational recognition of local clergy or laity selected by a Shoals Area group of Christians. CSR Ministries, Jim and Anne Bevis and the CSR Board of Directors seek to honor Christian men and women who display the character of Christ.

“There are so many people who have been pioneers of faith for the Shoals Area and who have not yet been recognized for their countless contributions to the Christian community,” said Jim Bevis. “ We want to honor individuals who exemplify the person of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, and who affect the lives of others through their daily walk.”

“Howard Speegle has been a ‘Father to the Shoals in the area of faith for many years,” said Jim Bevis, “so it is only fitting that he be honored on Father’s Day.”

Howard Speegle has been in the ministry for over 70 years. Initially, he was a Baptist minister and then became a non-denominational minister. He has served many churches in many places. Speegle hosted a radio program in Athens for 35 years. Since his “retirement” he has continued to serve by ministering in area jails, prisons and nursing homes.

The Speegles have been married for 67 years and have lived in the Shoals, off and on, for 65 of those years. Anne Speegle has written numerous articles and poems. In addition she has written three books, Shepherd’s Manna, Morning Manna, and Ain’t Sadie Sez. But perhaps most remarkable of all, for over twenty years she has daily written a scripture and “Thought for Today” for her husband-which he has often shared with others.

Speegle has been a faithful participant in the Ministers Prayer Fellowship of the Shoals since it was begun in 1993. He is considered to be a “Father in the Gospel” by many of the area ministers.

“The Speegles are faithful prayer warriors, spending hours in prayer each day and each week,” said Bevis. “They have had hundreds on their prayer lists from across the world.”

CSR Ministries is delighted to have recognized Howard Speegle as our first ‘Spirit of the Shoals Award' recipient.

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