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Dear friends who prayed for me and sent those marvelous letters,

I was overwhelmed by your covering of prayer and the special way you encouraged me by your precious letters. I was humbled by the reality that God has used me in some way to touch your life. Praises be to Him!

The Emmaus walk was like experiencing a seventy-two hour ”bath” in the love and grace of God. As many of you know, I have attended many conferences and retreats and I have, by His Grace, experienced many wonderful things BUT never have I experienced such an outpouring of love, mostly from people I did not know and who did not really know me.

During the entire experience, there was a 24/7 vigil in the camp prayer chapel. This is in addition to all of your prayers and those of other pilgrims who had participated in previous Walks across the nation and world. (Over 15,000 have experienced “the Walk” in Alabama alone)

We hear many messages (15 plus) on the multi-dimensional grace of God. I came home believing more than ever before it is Amazing Grace. Each message was processed in groups of eight men. I sat at the Table of Luke. We shared, laughed and cried as God did his gentle work among us.

Even though I cannot go in depth regarding the many special experiences we had, let me just say, His Presence was with us in a mighty way. We are encouraged not to share the details because some of you might attend an Emmaus Walk and we would not want torob you of the “surprises of the Spirit.”

Over 90 workers and servers were present during our Walk in addition to the forty-eight pilgrims of which I was one. The service was unlike anything I have ever experienced. They “washed our feet” for three straight days. I suspect that we will never be the same.

Near the end of the Walk on Sunday afternoon, we were given an hour to read the letters we received from brothers and sisters like you. I received over fifty letters from across the nation. What can I say but “Thank You.”

Personally, I felt that a place in my heart, which I call a love deficit, was healed on the Walk to Emmaus with Jesus. I have know for many years of my wife’s love and the love of my children and grandchildren. In the Emmaus Walk, God further opened my heart and poured in His Agape Love. I now know, without doubt, of your love and His.

Thank you for giving to the Lord and for allowing me to be on the receiving end.


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