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What on Earth is God doing?

Listen to Jim and Anne on WBTG 106.3 FM, for their weekly radio interview program Tuesdays 1-1:30pm.


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If you need help as one of God’s Ministering Servants (Ministers, Pastors, Leaders, Spouses, or Church Staff), Jim and Anne are available to assist and speak with you confidentially and without cost.

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The Israel Bomb Shelter Project

Learn more about this special project and discover how you can bless the people of Israel with much needed assistance in these perilous times. (Genesis 12:3)


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TUESDAYS 1-1:30pm (CST)


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"What on Earth is God Doing?"


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Enjoy Our Broadcast of...

“What On Earth is God Doing?” from November 19th with Tom Whately, retired pastor, humorist, author and story teller, and with Cindy Hall from the Fame Girl's Ranch, using the PLAY button below. Or, visit our Messages Page to LISTEN TO OUR OTHER SHOWS!

Wagnon Sisters perform in... Edsel Holden Presents 2017 “What A Wonderful World”

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We’re on the air at 1pm (CST) each Tuesday on WBTG Radio 106.3 FM.


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Sam Waddell - miracles and ministry, Mt Moriah Community Church, and the division in the United Methodist Church





Marilyn Hunter - Disciples Village, an orphanage in Haiti




 07  MARCH

Max Aeschlimanns - UNA Campus Outreach and Chaplain with the UNA football team




Highlighted Sermons & Radio Interviews:

Audio / Marziyeh Amirizadeh, an Iranian Christian who, along with with her sister in Christ, Maryam, spent a year in Iran's most notorious prison, and was even sentenced to death by hanging for sharing Jesus and distributing over 20,000 Bibles to Iranians. Marziyeh has written two books, "Captive In Iran" and "A Love Journey With God."

Audio / Anna Strasburg, pro-life activist who ran and biked 3,000 miles across America, and author of "One Mile More" about her experiences running across the country to end abortion.

Audio / Emily Leatherbarrow - President of Sisters of Grace - Human Trafficking

Audio / Ed Vitagliano, Executive VP of American Family Association & American Family Radio

Audio /  Rich Suplita - a former atheist neuroscience professor (and faculty advisor for UGAtheist) who gave his life to Christ and is now a Christian Apologist.

Audio /  Scott LaPierre, Pastor, Author & Speaker -  In connection to his latest book, Your Marriage God’s Way, Scott recognizes that marriages have been put to the test for the past couple of years, with many couples spending a lot more time together than ever before, and others spending more time apart due to staffing shortages and increasing workplace demands. Scott has counseled real couples facing real struggles, and this interview with Scott could truly impact your life to help you build relationships that are strong and vibrant.

Luke Seibert, a young man in ministry, who lost his eyesight in 2016 in an automobile accident will be our guest. He has a remarkable testimony about how God enabled him to rise above his disability. He has authored a book, “Never Saw It Coming.”


Luke Seibert Never Saw It ComingBookPic.png

Audio / Johnny Wagnon - Author, Humorist, Homespun Philosopher

Audio / Authors Russ Serat & Rusty Chadwick with WinShape Foundation (Truitt Cathy, Chick-fil-A)

Audio / Ray Hughes - author, humorist, poet, song writer, storyteller and teacher/preacher


Listen to our WBTG program from "What On Earth Is God Doing?" regarding SUICIDE with authors of the book “Losing Our Dads and Finding Our Father” by William Staggs and Bill Dockery.

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