Special videos to share with you.

Jim’s 80th Birthday Bash


Enjoy the moment and celebrate with family, as we honor this special milestone in Jim’s life.

Operation Lifeshield


What is Operation Lifeshield about? This video explains the problem and the solution.

Don E. Soula Memorial


With fond rememberance of our dear friend, Don E. Soula.

Omelette in a Baggie


Jim demonstrates making an omelette in a baggie – a creative cooking idea from Madeline Soula.

Wagnon Sisters perform in...


Edsel Holden Presents 2017 “What A Wonderful World” as a fundraiser for the UNA band/music department.

Wagnon Sisters – “My Desire”


Anne & Becky’s RCA record released in 1959. Click "play" and enjoy this catchy tune from the past.

Be Holy



Mary Maxwell - Funny Prayer about Getting Old at the Caregiver of the Year Dinner


Like we always say... “Growing old isn't for sissies?”

How to Face the Last Days Without Fear



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